Would you like me to build a custom McFarlane to your specs?   Here's How!



Customized Pocket Pro Helmets: 

  • Speed Revolution: $12 per helmet

  • Throwback 3-bar: $14 per helmet

  • Throwback 2-bar: $15 per helmet

Order 15 or more custom helmets : 

  • Speed Revolution: $10 per helmet

  • Throwback 3-bar: $12 per helmet

  • Throwback 2-bar: $13 per helmet

Add a custom pocket pro helmet to your custom figure project: $9, $11 & $12 per helmet (respectively)


NOTE: A small non- refundable down payment (based on total cost of custom project) will be required to start a custom build.

Requests for custom made figures tailor made to your specifications are available by clicking HERE and emailing me.  Sports Attic Customs specializes in vintage NFL throwback figures from the 60s, 70s and 80s  but we also do high school, semi-pro, ncaa and present day players as well....basically, any player past, present or future can probably be done.  I also customize basketball, baseball and hockey figures.  Prices for custom requests of single figures range from $75 to $140+ depending on a number of things..

1) A SIMPLE REPAINT (example) usually runs from $75 to $85. This means no alterations to the original pose of the stock figure used. No custom putty work i.e. -sleeve extensions (for older players who wore 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve jerseys) No custom equipment such as pads, facemasks, shoes, etc. And no limb exchanges. Head exchanges will be made if necessary. A simple repaint would usually consist of repainting a stock McFarlane figure to be wearing another uniform while maintaining the stock figure's original identity (a college team, a former NFL team, or if he signs with another team - I.E. A Clinton Portis wearing a Redskins uniform).. Or on the rare occasion that a player you are looking to have made wears the exact same uniform style , equipment , skin color and pose of a stock figure. Also excluded from the 'simple repaint' price range are customs that require a hard to find stock figure - hard to find figures would be any figure that normally sells for over 20 or 30 dollars on ebay. 

2) Unless you can provide the figure needed. A basic CUSTOM REPAINT (example) would be anywhere from $85 to $100. A basic custom repaint would include one or two minor to moderate modifications such as extended sleeves, Pads that need to be fabricated.. facemasks that need to fabricated, etc.. Any limb exchanges required would be included as well. Minor custom poses are basically just exchanging and/or repositioning of the arms.. or re-angling the hands, feet, head or legs to achieve the desired pose. 

3)If parts from more than three stock figures are required to create a custom figure, that would bump a 'basic" into a.... A MAJOR CUSTOM transformation (example) will run you around $100+ and includes everything and anything required to create that difficult custom pose or equipment for a figure.. including custom made facemasks, fabrication of pads, shoes, belts and any other accessories needed to create a figure. Major custom poses are when the legs from one figure are used with the torso of another.. Or if the arms, legs and head require significant repositioning or re-angling.

4) Custom Packaging will cost an additional $15.00.

5) Shipping will be calculated as ACTUAL shipping cost (cheapest pricing using UPS, USPS or FEDEX.

Of course, those are very basic guidelines, and I am extremely flexible and will work with you to create a custom figure within your price range and expectations.


Please fill out order form and send to: cweyenberg12@gmail.com : http://www.sportsattic2.com/McFarlane/order_form.htm


There are two ways to PAY your custom order:
1) Paypal (Credit Card)  or 2) Check!!!

Credit Card Payments (NOW! Including International Payments)
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     To pay by credit card, send to: cweyenberg12@gmail.com or lmk and I can send you a bill.

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