TAFL Constitution

Section 1 - General Rules
Section 2 - Rosters
Section 3 - Trading
Section 4 - Drafting
Section 5 - Game Play
Section 6 - Player Usage
Section 7 - Post Season Play
Section 8 - Late point system
Section 9 - Powers of the Commissioner
Section 10 - Playoff Tie-Breaking Procedures

TAFL Constitution


1. The Trans-American Football League (TAFL) will use the latest version of the Action! PC Football.


2. In order to participate, owners must own the current version of the Action PC software, the current season players disk, and the latest version of WinZIP. Each franchise must meet league requirements and answer all emails regarding league emails, drafts and scheduling on a timely basis.

3. The TAFL is a keeper league. This means that players are kept from season to season. See Section #4 - Drafting for more details. The league exists for the enjoyment and sportsmanship of its members. It is intended to supply an outlet for fellowship, fairness, and competitiveness.

4. Changes to this Constitution may be made by the commissioner when he sees fit for the best interest of the league or when an amendment receives majority vote of owners who submit a vote. All proposals shall be made to the Commissioner at least four weeks before the start of the draft.

5. Currently, there will be no annual dues. Because of this, all league communication will be either through e-mail or through the league's web site.

6. The TAFL will consist of 24 teams in 2 Conferences. Each Conference will consist of three divisions of four teams.

7. The TAFL plays a 16 game schedule, 1 game per week, from approximately late August through conclusion.

8. Team names must consist of an actual city or state followed by a nickname. Vulgar or innuendo filled names will not be allowed (commissioners decision).

1. Each TAFL roster will consist of between 50 & 53 active players, which may include up to 3 players which were Non-Rated by APCFB during that season. Non-rated players are players who have already existed on a teamís roster for a year but are not rated for the next. For instance, lets say you drafted Brett Favre in our 2000 draft (and he has been on your roster for 1 complete season) but he gets injured in the NFL before he plays a down in the real 2000 season. Then he is already on your roster but will not have any stats for the '00 season and thus not rated for our 2001 season. You could still protect him and keep him as part of your roster. (NOTE: This does not apply to Rookies or players who have never existed on your roster before.)

2. Each team's roster must meet the following requirements.
- At all times between the end of the draft and the end of the Super Bowl, each team MUST have at least:

Three QBís

Four RBís

Four WRís

Two TEís

Three OTís

Three OGís

Two Cís


Three DEís

Three DTís

Two ILBís

Three OLBís

Four CBís

Three Sís



One FG Kicker with 16 or more attempts

One Punter with 40 or more punts

One Kickoff Returner with 16 or more returns OR a 19.9 or LESS average & no TD's

One Punt Returner with 16 or more returns OR 9.9 or LESS average & no TD's
Note: One position player may fulfill several of these (i.e. Deion Sanders)

- No team may carry more than 5 QB's.

1. Trading is allowed during the season up until the deadline for coach submission for the 10th week of play. Uneven trades are allowed, but you must maintain between 50 and 53 man roster.

2. Draft choices may be traded, but only for the upcoming season. (For example, during the 2005 season, only picks in the 2006 draft would be allowed).

3. All trades must be confirmed by both parties via e-mail to the commissioner.

1. The inaugural draft will consist of a 39 round ground floor draft with the order to be determined by a random draw.



stadiums will be chosen from the actual NFL stadiums with one exception - no domes! Stadium draft order will be the reverse of the player draft order.

2. Each following year will consist of a static order draft for following season, with Super Bowl Champs and Super Bowl runner-ups drafting last and second-to-last respectively. All others will be placed according to final regular season record with the non playoff teams being the first 12 picks and the playoff teams being ranked by where they were eliminated in the playoffs. If there is ever any expansion, expansion teams will draft before any existing teams.Here is the determining order of the draft and itís tie-breakers.

First, all non playoff teams will be ranked on the following tie-breaking factors:

  1. winning percentage
    b. strength of schedule
    c. head-to-head
    d. Division wins
    e. Conference wins

f. net points

g. coin toss


The 8-playoff teams will be ranked based on the reverse order of where they finished in the playoffs. Playoffs teams, which finished at the same level, will use the tie breaking factors to determine order. Therefore, the Super Bowl winner drafts last, etc.

3. Two weeks prior to the start of the draft, teams may cut as many players as they want.No cuts will be permitted after this date.

4. During the draft, teams must fill their roster to 50 players and can draft until their roster has 53 players. Positional minimums must be maintained.

5. Each team must make a pick after any of their own picks that they traded away. For example, if
Independence trades their 5th round pick, they must make at least one pick after that 5th round pick. This prevents trading picks that a team is not intending to use.

6. Only players listed on the current season Action! PC players disk will be eligible to be drafted. Drafting will take place in either June or July of each year, depending on when the current players disk is released.

1. Only the current version of Action PC Football software may be used to play your games. Only the master TAFL league file may be used (as sent to you by the commissioner each week) to play your games.

2. Here are the rules settings we will use:


Rules Year: Current ACTION! PC NFL Season
†† †††††††††††††††††††† Season Length:16
†††††††††††††††††††††† Homefield Advantage:Yes
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Homefield Advantage Drop Down Menu:Advantage of 2 (3 for Playoffs)
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Two Point Conversions=Yes

††††††††††††††††††††††† Replay Challenges: 2

††††††††††††††††††††††† Play Clock: 60 Seconds
:†††††††††††††††††††††† Ten Minute Ticker: No
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Allow Audibles: No
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Minutes/Quarter: 15 minutes
†† †††††††††††††††††††† League Type: Draft League
†† †††††††††††††††††††† Injuries: Yes
†† †††††††††††††††††††† Injuries Drop Down Menu: Normal Frequency
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Salary Cap: No
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Field Goal Miss Line:Kick Spot
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Kickoff Line: 30
††† ††††††††††††††††††† Goal Post Location:Endline

Usage and Fatigue Rule and Penalties:


Season Usage Penalties: Yes

Game Usage Penalties: Yes

Special Team Usage Penalties: No

Quarterback Game Usage Penalties: No

Game Fatigue: Yes


Fatigue settings

Mild - 110% of Real Life Use
Moderate - 120% of Real Life Use
Major - 130% of Real Life Use


Mild - 10% of Real Life Use
Moderate - 20% of Real Life Use
Major - 30% of Real Life Use

Quarterback game fatigue & Special Teams Season Fatigue will not be used.

3. All games are played in one of the following formats:
- Face to face versus the opposing coach either in person or via the internet (Recommended)
- Solo versus the computer coach or default coach that is sent from your opponent or included w/ master file, the home team will have first right to play the game, but if he is unable the visiting team can run the game instead
- Computer vs. Computer using coaching profiles set by both coaches. This method will be used ONLY if both human coaches can not play their games. The commissioner will then run the games.

a) You must be sure to create a subdirectory under your main Action PC game directory. (Ex: c:\program files\action2001\TAFL 2001)
b) Every week I will send you a new master file called TAFL 2001.zip
c) Unzip this file into your TAFL subdirectory and make sure you select ALL when it asks to copy over any info.
d) You must update your data disk EVERY week with the new master disk that will be sent to you.
e) Master files will be sent to all on Monday or Tuesday and all games must be turned in by kickoff of the Monday Night Football game (approx. 9:00PM Eastern)

IF you are going to play your game over the Internet, follow these stepsÖ
a) Contact your opponent and set up a date/time to play your game. The home team will host unless both players agree they would rather have the visiting team host. It is better that the individual who has the fastest computer & Internet connection to host. When you are the visitor for the upcoming week, cc: me any correspondence with the home team owner requesting to play the game live. When you are the home team for the week and you aren't contacted about playing the game live by Friday evening at
5:00PM Eastern, go ahead and play the game against the computer.
b) The host will need to find his IP address. This is located by loading the game and going to UTILITIES from the main page. Click on "FIND IP ADDRESS"; send the address, EXACTLY as it is shown to your opponent.
c) The HOST must set up the game with the proper Home and Away teams. Setup the GAME PREFERENCES screen and wait for your opponent to connect to your computer. Your opponent can make connection by going to: Play/Internet Join Game and typing in the IP ADDRESS exactly as it was sent to you. Host will accept your contact and begin play!
d) After your game is completed, a screen will appear asking you what to do. The Host should choose the send file to the League and Commissioner buttons.

If sending the file to the league doesnít work then after your game is finished, regardless of how it was played, follow these stepsÖ
a) Click on Utilities/Export Game.
b) Double Click the game you just played to Export, make sure it has an asterisk (*) placed in front of it. This tells you it is selected.
c) Now choose the Export Location by double clicking on the TEMP directory I had you set up underneath your Action Game/TAFL 2001 directory.
d) Click on the "Begin Export" button. A box should come up saying "Export Complete" with OK for the choice. The stats, in the form of one file, (Ex: NEW 23 GB 42 XBX) will go into the Action2001 directory. You may now exit out of the game.
e) Now, send the one file with the .XBX extension to the commissioner and your opponent.
f) It helps if you zip the file and include your team abbreviation followed by the opposing team's abbreviation and the week number. For example, for the above example game in Week 3, the files should be named: GBNEWwk3.zip

1. Usage rules for runners, receivers, and passers have been replaced by fatigue. The settings are:
Fatigue settings


Mild - 110% of Real Life Use
Moderate - 120% of Real Life Use
Major Ė 130% of Real Life Use


Mild - 10% of Real Life Use
Moderate - 20% of Real Life Use
Major - 30% of Real Life Use

Quarterback game fatigue & Special Teams Season Fatigue will not be used.


No limit

a) Any kicker who attempted at least 16 FGís may be used without limit
b) Any punter who attempted at least 40 punts may be used without limit
c) Otherwise, they are limited to their actual NFL attempts

a) A player is considered "unlimited" if he had in the previous NFL season EITHER 16 Kickoff Returns OR had a Kickoff Return Average Yards Per Return of 19.9 or LESS yards WITHOUT a touchdown return. You must have an unlimited player listed in the primary kick return spot. There are no restrictions to the second and third return slots.

a) A player is considered "unlimited" if he had in the previous NFL season EITHER 16 Punt Returns NOT counting Fair Catches OR had a Punt Return Average Yards Per Return of 9.9 or LESS yards WITHOUT a touchdown return. All other players are LIMITED to their actual number of NFL Punt Returns NOT counting Fair Catches. Note: If you have only one unlimited returner, you should have limited returner's that total at least ten returns on your team.



No Running Back with less then 50 carries and an average per carry of 5.5 or higher will be eligible to run the ball for that year. Their rushing stats will be erased.They can be used as a pass receiver or return man if the team desires or can be protected without taking up a roster spot.


This part has been replaced by fatigue rules.

1. All division winners qualify and each league will have three wild card teams in each Conference. Any ties for playoff spots will be broken according to tie breaking procedures listed below in section 10.
Week 17: In each league, Wild Card 2 @ Wild Card 1 Wild Card 3 @ Division winner #3

Week 18: In each league, Worst Record Round 1 Winner @ Div winner #1; Best record Round 1 Winner @ Div winner #2
Week 19: League Championships Ė Wild Card team canít host vs. Division Winner

Week 20: Super Bowl


3 - Injuries will carry over from the regular season.


4 - The Super Bowl will be played on a neutral field.

5 - Stats will not be reset to zero from the regular season with additional usage added.First round 10%, Second Round 10%, Third round 5% and Super Bowl 5%.

The following deadlines must be met:

Cut list
Start of the year coach file
Home game results

Every time an owner missed one of those deadlines, that owner accumulates a late point. If you let me know you will miss the deadline BEFORE the deadline occurs, no late points will be issued.
The following penalties will be enacted for late points:
3 points: Loss of 5th round pick
4 points: Loss of 4th round pick
5 points: Loss of 3rd round pick and possible expulsion

These penalties are NOT cumulative. 3 late points leads to a loss of ONLY the 5th round pick.

The commissioner will resolve any conflicts that arise that he determines are not practical for a league vote. Any ruling by the commissioner may be overturned by a league wide veto of at least 16 votes within two weeks of the commissionerís decision. Protests are excluded from this however.
The commissioner shall manage league affairs such as the draft, schedules, newsletters & stat reports, backup coaches, expansion, administration of rules and the general operation of the TAFL. The commissioner may delegate any of these duties to league members who volunteer as he sees fit.
The commissioner may dismiss any league member for not following league rules, for excessive lateness, or for operating in a manner, in his opinion, not in the leagues best interest.
Coaches may protest any game that resulted in a loss that may have been reasonably due to the running coachís failure to follow written instructions or line-ups for that game. Failure to follow league rules or use of an illegal player is admissible grounds also. A written report must be sent to both the accused coach and commissioner (who will serve as arbiter) within two weeks of receiving game results. He must list his reasons supporting his protest. The accused coach then as one week to respond. He must do so in writing to both the commissioner and opposing coach. The arbiter will then render his decision which is final. The arbiter will uphold the protest only if in his opinion the decisions made by the defendant might have reasonably affected the outcome of the game. Any upheld protested games must be made up before the playoffs begin. Any protests involving the commissioner will be arbitrated by a mutually agreed upon league member.
The commissioner shall rule on anything not specifically covered in this constitution as the need arises.

1. Head-to-Head record.
2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games if applicable.
4. Best net points in division games.
5. Best net points in all games.
6. Last team not to make the playoffs.
7. Coin toss.
Three or More Clubs
If two clubs remain tied after other clubs are eliminated during any step, tiebreaker reverts to step #1 of two-club format.
1. Head-to-Head (best won-lost percentage in games between the clubs).
2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
3. Best net points in division games.
4. Best net points in all games.
5. Last team not to make the playoffs.
6. Coin toss.
If necessary to break ties to determine the four wild-card teams, the following steps will be taken.
1. If all tied clubs are from the same division, apply division tiebreaker
2. If the tied clubs are from different divisions apply the steps below.
3. When the first wild-card team has been identified, the procedure is repeated each time as necessary. In situations where three teams from the same division are involved in the procedure, the original seeding of the teams remains the same for subsequent applications of the tie-breaker if the top-ranked team in that division qualifies for a wild-card berth.

Two Clubs
1. Head-to-Head, if applicable.
2. Best W-L-T % in common games, 4 min.
3. Best net points, all games.
4. Strength of schedule.
5. Last team not to make the playoffs.
6. Coin toss.

Three or More Clubs
Once two teams remain, revert to step #1 in Two Club tiebreaker.
1. Apply division tiebreaker to eliminate all but highest-ranked club in each division before step #1. The original seeding within a division upon application of the Division tie-breaker remains the same for all subsequent applications of the procedure that are necessary to identify the four wild-card teams.
2. Head-to-Head sweep (only if one club has either defeated or lost to each of the others).
3. Best net points, all games.
4. Strength of schedule.
5. Last team not to make the playoffs.
6. Coin toss.



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