(may be subject to change)


League Requirements:  The league requires all managers to own the latest version of Action Pc Baseball and the most current data disk. 

Gameplay:  The league encourages head to head play but it is NOT required.  The home team is responsible for playing the games.  Either manager may send an email to your opponent to setup head to head play.  If the visiting team declines, the home team will play the games vs the computer or find a sub manager.  Every manager is expected to play at least their home games.  Anyone may pick up an OPEN HOME team and play them for the week.  

This is a stock team replay league.  There will be NO TRADING or acquiring of FREE AGENTS.

Rosters:  The major league roster will consist of players from the TRUE major league rosters.  We will be using the the USE TRANSACTION DATES that is set up by Action PC Baseball for each particular season being played.  Therefore, rosters will be controlled by the Action PC game and will reflect the ACTUAL MLB roster for the game/date being played.  The playoff roster will consist of 25 players and shall not include players who were NOT on a particular teams roster at the end of the regular season (this includes injured players). 

Schedule:  Each team will play the actual 162 game MLB schedule.  The weekly schedule will run from Tuesday thru Monday.  There will be 2 deadlines every week.  Each team will play 2 3-game series per week.  The first 3 game series will be due by 12:00 midnight pst each Friday.  The second 3 game series will be due by 12:00 midnight pst each Monday.    Manager files can be turned in at anytime during the week.  They will be imported into the next league file.    The new league file will be sent out on Friday and Monday evenings.  There will be 2 league files distributed each week.   Each team will have an off day after playing 2 series.  Games can't be played out of order in the schedule.  Each team will play 3 games with each league file.   The season will run from February thru September.

Special Rules:  A starting pitcher can not be used in relief if he did not pitch in relief in real life.  A relief pitcher can not be used as a starter if he did not pitch as a starter in real life.   Catchers, infielders and outfielders can ONLY play rated positions.

Player usage:  Starting pitchers will be limited to 110% of starts.  Relief pitchers will be limited to 110% of relief innings.  Relief pitchers who made starts will be limited to 110% of starts and innings.  Position players will be limited to 110% of actual plate appearances.  All players will become inactive after 110% usage and can't be used anymore.  They can be used in the playoffs if they meet the playoffs qualifications.  Player usage will be monitored by the commissioner. 

Playoff Usage:
Batters must have a minimum of 50 at bats in real life to be eligible for a playoff roster. 
Pitchers must have a minimum of 25 innings pitched in real life to be eligible for a playoff roster
Starting Rotation: Teams must use a minimum 3-man rotation in any playoff series.
Starting Pitchers: Must have a minimum of 10 starts in real life to be eligible to start in a playoff game.

Players will be prorated for playoff usage.   

Lineups:  The DH will be used in the American League.

All-Star game-  The league will hold an annual all-star game with all-stars from each league competing in the game.  The managers will be determined by the team with the best record at the All-Star break from each league.  The game will be played head to head.  Players will consist of a C, 1B, 2b, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, 5 SP, 1RP.    The players receiving the most votes will automatically make the team.  The remaining players will be chosen by manager of each league.  The roster will consist of 32 players.  The site will determine whether or not a DH is used.  We will use the same site as MLB.  The rosters will contain at least one player from each team.

Playoffs:  Will be actual major league format for the season being played.   All playoff games will be required to play head to head.

Tie-breakers:  All ties for playoffs will use major league baseball tie-breaker rules.  The goal of this league is to have fun and create our own baseball history archive!