Instructions on playing games:

Gameplay:  The league encourages head to head play but it is NOT required.  The home team is responsible for playing the games.  Either manager may send an email to your opponent to setup head to head play.  If the visiting team declines, the home team will play the games vs the computer or find a sub manager.  Every manager is expected to play at least their home games.  Anyone may pick up an OPEN HOME team and play them for the week.  

Schedule:  Each team will play the actual 162 game MLB schedule.  The weekly schedule will run from Tuesday thru Monday.  There will be 2 deadlines every week.  Each team will play 2 3-game series per week.  The first 3 game series will be due by 12:00 midnight pst each Friday.  The second 3 game series will be due by 12:00 midnight pst each Monday.    Manager files can be turned in at anytime during the week.  They will be imported into the next league file.    The new league file will be sent out on Friday and Monday evenings.  There will be 2 league files distributed each week.   Each team will have an off day after playing 2 series.  Games can't be played out of order in the schedule.  Each team will play 3 games with each league file.   The season will run from February thru September.

Game Play Procedure: 

  1. Game disk will be sent to all
  2. Home team has the option to play Head to Head or vs. the computer.  The MEMBERS page has a listing of owners who wish to play head to head.
  3. The schedule will be set to human for both teams. 
  4. The home team loads their lineup by clicking "LOAD LINEUP FOR (whatever particular day we are playing).  WE ARE USING ACTUAL GAME DAY LINEUPS. 
  5. Click VIEW OPPONENT to go back to visiting team screen and "LOAD LINEUP FOR (whatever particular day we are playing).  WE ARE USING ACTUAL GAME DAY LINEUPS. 
  6. CLICK OK to play ball!
  7. At the game play screen, click OPTIONS/PREFERENCES (at the top left), and set the visiting team manager to COMPUTER (if you are playing vs. the computer).

NOTE:   Starting with the 1977 season we will be using ACTUAL game day lineups & starting pitchers to START ballgames. 

Game Setup Procedure:

  1. Click Play (red button at top) or Play/Scheduled Games (pull down menus)
  2. Go to particular game date you are playing by clicking the date on the schedule (remember games must be played in order by your do not have to worry about any of the other games besides your own).
  3. Select your game on the particular date and Change STATUS to PLAY NOW
  4. Click PLAY!
  5. You should be taken to the GAME PREF. screen. This should be ready to go, but you can change it to view it how you like. CLICK PLAY, and your roster screens should pop up
  6. Click LOAD LINEUP FOR ??? (example April 7th) or whatever day you are playing and the click VIEW OPPONENT and do the same for that team
  7. Click OK, then click PLAY BALL
  8. If you are playing the computer you will now have to go to: OPTIONS/PREFERENCES and change the visiting team to computer manager.
  9. Once game is played, finish the rest of your series games for the week.
  10. Send entire series to me (and your opponent) by going to: UTILITIES/EXPORT GAMES. CHECK MARK all the games you just played. Change the EXPORT FILE NAME (usually it would read something like this: 02-04-2012 43068 ExportFile.BBX) to: 02-04-2012 MIN1OAK3ExportFile.BBX....or something like that so I know how many games should be in the zip file.
  11. Send to me and your opponent.