The "AS REAL AS IT GETS" simulation baseball league is a unique format that allows any and all to get involved in the replay of baseball history.  This is a STOCK team only league using actual game day lineups and rosters.  Our goal is to simulate MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL of the past throughout baseball history.

NO TRADING, NO DRAFTING....just strictly your chance to coach your favorite stock teams of  MLB.  All statistics will be compiled to establish our own stats record book! 

You can claim 1 team per season for yourself and play them throughout the season.  You can also help pick up OPEN teams and play additional games if you like. Head to Head play of games is optional.   Our goal is to have every player on a team get as close to their appropriate number of major league (Plate Appearances/Innings Pitched) as possible....thus, giving us a true replay of MLB history.

To create our own history of baseball (see ARAIG ARCHIVE link in left column) using the Action PC player disks and current DKS Action Baseball software. 
In order to do this we will have to commit our focus on the following:

1) During the course of an entire season: all members MUST try and get ALL their BATTERS (plate appearances) and PITCHERS (innings pitched) as close to their REAL MLB stats as possible. 

2) Every game will have a human touch.  Either by Head to Head, League play (human coaches both teams offenses) or Human vs. computer.  We will try and SIM. very few games.  This will allow us to monitor stats usage for all teams.

3) That's about it!  #1 is very important to our league if you are thinking about joining.  And if you do not decide to jump in on the fun, then hopefully you can browse around our archives section and see how close we can come to the real thing!!!  



  • The Current Action PC Software by Dave Koch: currently 2015 and it's current service patch.  
  • Proof of ownership of the current season being played.  
  • Working e-mail address and internet connection for Head to Head play, plus updated MEMBERSHIP page info.